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05/04/17 09:01 PM #46    


Brenda Niemi (Alanen)

Hi classmates.  I would like to thank Charlotte for keeping this site updated  I wish I haf known about it sooner because I hadn known about our 40th reunion.  It's a great way to keep in touch  now I'll know about the next one 😊



05/05/17 06:52 PM #47    


Charlotte Phillips (Downing)

Eunice Lundgren Cote is the Admin. for this site. I've just been doing Bear Hugs & Birthdays. Our new Facebook pg. will echo information from this website as this is the official site.

Visit FB & chat with us! If we weren't friends in school, we can be NOW! Those years were long ago, but they were IMPORTANT years. will get you there!

06/18/17 11:02 PM #48    


Charlotte Phillips (Downing)

Patty Odean, Janis Olson Peterson, Greg Orloff, Debbie Orthel Paulson, Dale Ostlie, Mar ge Pippin Humbert, Dale Peak, Denise Peltier McNeal, MaryJo Peltier Reil, Barb Perron Vincent, Keith Peterson, Vic Pipars, Mickey Pitcher Preston, Tom Runestrand, Dave & Cindy Ryan, Patti Sali Pollack, Karen Sandvig, John Schauer, Barb Schelling Sittard, Pam & Dan Preisler, Julianne Schweitz, Stephen Scidmore, Lois Semph Beaudry, Doug Sheeley, Ross Sinclair, Heidi Scotnicki Caskey, Andrew Sorenson, George Stallings, Susan Stanga Sorenson, Gail Susmilch Kalli, John & Cheryl Moody, Janet Trunkey, Judy Robbins Gehler, Renae Roloffs, Maren Rolland Hayes, Anna Pizza Counihan, Jenny Plombon, Cathy Polley, Charlie Prokup, Kathy Quest Harper, Chris Ransom Belkowski, Linda Rinehart

Have you visited, liked & friended our new class Facebook page? Other classmates have & it's been fun to hear what's become of them, reminisce or make friends that you never had the chance to waaaay back in '73. Birthday wishes are posted there as well as info on classmates who are facing a challenge & would like encouragement from an unexpected source.

Of course it's been a long time & we were only all together for such a short time, but those were such IMPORTANT years, those last days of childhood.

We're waiting for you....      

Go to Facebook: White Bear Lake '73











06/22/17 12:54 PM #49    


Charlotte Phillips (Downing)

Carrie Robinson's father has passed. Please go to our new Facebook page @:  white bear high 1973 for more info.

07/30/18 11:34 PM #50    

Jennifer Plombon

Of course I remember Fuad Bizri. He was so exotic for WBL! How is he, Char?

Jennie Plombon

09/22/18 01:03 PM #51    


Renae Roelofs

So, I attended our 45th H.S. reunion this past weekend and either you were there or you missed it and I talked to you or I didn’t.  Either way, I know I had a great time and in my extroverted way let everyone know exactly how I felt about my high school memories. It was all in good fun! I would like to thank the entire reunion team (you know who they are) for their continued efforts in making our reunion events happen. I am sincere in my offer to assist (long distance) in the planning of the 50th reunion. I would like to encourage everyone to fill out their profiles on the WBL Class of 73 website.  Please include a previous and present photo and a short synopsis of your life thus far. Also, if you know someone on the “missing classmates” list, please ask them to do the same. With the limited amount of time we have to talk to each other at an event, this information is very helpful. Thanks and see you in 5 years.

09/22/18 07:41 PM #52    

Jennifer Plombon

The Reunion was FABULOUS! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to plan it; I had a great time seeing everyone and catching up. Loved Karen Pew's "survey" and talk.

Jennie Plombon


10/06/18 06:26 PM #53    

Gregory Maynard

No pictures of the 2018 Reunion, what's up with that?

10/06/18 09:41 PM #54    


Renae Roelofs

I have photosof the reunion I would like to share but I have not received instructions on how to post them on the site. Eunice....can you help with this please?

03/01/19 03:20 PM #55    


Renae Roelofs

I am still trying to get help with posting the photos I took at the 45th reunion! It is not as simple as it seems.

03/02/19 02:08 PM #56    


Brenda Niemi (Alanen)

where are you trying to post them? 

03/02/19 05:06 PM #57    


Renae Roelofs

On this and or the facebook page.

08/02/19 06:49 PM #58    


Charlotte Phillips (Downing)

A few of us are interested in having a mini reunion sometime in Sept. at the 617, owned by our friend, Mary Wigstrom. We had so much danged fun last year that we wanna do it again!
This will be a casual, drop-in thing, so no tickets to buy. We'd like to know if you'd come to this, 'tho so we can let Mary know if there's 5 or 50 of us,
Consider attending. We'll be sad if you don't show up!

08/03/19 12:05 PM #59    

Susan Lees

I'd be able to come if its before the 10th or after the 18th.  Sounds like fun!

08/05/19 03:06 PM #60    

Kathy LaRock (Johnson)

I'm in!

08/05/19 03:38 PM #61    


Renae Roelofs

I won't be able to make that but I remember how much fun it was there. Party on!

08/17/19 01:01 PM #62    


Charlotte Phillips (Downing)


Ed Sheeren says it best "these people raised me & I can't wait to go home". Whether you liked it or not, we helped raise each other during the most important times of our lives; the last years of our childhoods. Even if we weren't friends then, we can be now!

We're meeting on Sept. 21st @ the 617. There will someone there by 7:00 to say howdy to you, but come anytime you'd like.

We're excited to see you!

Holler here if you think you'd like to come. No pressure 'tho. We just want to let Mary Wigstrom know what to expect - 5 or 50 (or more!)

08/20/19 11:58 AM #63    


Dayle E. Peak

I will try to attened and bring another classmate. Hope to see you.

08/21/19 09:57 AM #64    

Nancy Dionisopoulos (Chilson)

I have talked to Terri D., Carla H. and Cheryl and we all plan on being there.


See you then!!

08/22/19 02:59 AM #65    

Linda Bodlovick (Thomas)

I’m on my 3AM cat 🐱 cuddle time.

Anyway this mini reunion is on my birthday,  too funny 

08/30/19 10:35 PM #66    


Charlotte Phillips (Downing)

2018 Re-Union photos have been posted on the class Facebook pg. Look us up at: white bear high 1973. While you're there, like & follow us!

10/02/19 12:51 PM #67    


Charlotte Phillips (Downing)

 Gathering at the Withrow Ballroom!

Oct. 25th, whatever time you like. They have a full bar nowadays ( not like it was in the 70's), you can reserve tables with 10-12 people, or pay at 

The Rockin' Hollywoods will be there!

RESERVE A TABLE: 651-439-5123


01/10/21 01:39 PM #68    


Arlene Erickson (Geisthardt)

I see we lost a classmate Sue Anderson. I do remember her. She signed my yearbook and I still have a bunch of classmates pictures when we were passing around our yearbooks to sign and exchanging are graduation pictures. Sorry of her passing. Take care all!

12/29/21 09:58 AM #69    

Pamela Perkins (Carlile. )

For people who might've known my mom she just passed Christmas Eve morning she passed peacefully in her sleep church service is going to be Monday, January 3, 2022 at Redeemer Lutheran church on Bel Air and white bear lake and visitation will be at 11 one hour prior to the service you know she was greeted by her family and got to spend Christmas with them. She will be missed deeply but we know one day we will be with her again

01/08/22 11:01 AM #70    


Charlotte Phillips (Downing)

We are saddened to hear of the passing of your mom. What a gift to have her for so long! Keep the memories of her close to your heart & let them comfort you in the days ahead.

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